Fleshletting Release notes



Wretched Fate's  debut full-length album "Fleshletting" has officially been released over at Redefining Darkness Records!

"This is the sort of Swedish death metal that understands the full scope of the genre but also brings so much to the table. It has a sound that is powerful and brutal, over the top and fast, endlessly addictive and a testament to the face melting magic that the power of raw riffs can bring to the table. Chaotic and borderline terrifying, Wretched Fate have unveiled something truly next level." 

- Matt Bacon, Two Guys Metal Reviews

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"A truly flawless and unique death metal release that lies somewhere in a grave in-between the best old school death metal, the most vile and evil blackened death metal, and some of the most captivating melodic stuff. This is the new album Morbid Angel WISH they wrote. This rules. Play it LOUD and lift HEAVY.

Rating: 5/5

Gym Rating: 5/5"

- Deathcomeslifting.com

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"Wretched Fate‘s new album is named Fleshletting, and that’s a fitting title, because their music is catastrophically ferocious. There’s blood splatter galore in these sonic rampages, and a steadfast devotion to rendering human bodies into ugly piles of pulverized bone and steaming gristle. But as you’re about to discover through the song we’re premiering, they bring a lot of other interesting techniques to the table besides a taste for brazen slaughtering."

- Nocleansinging.com

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"Fleshletting" is available in the following formats:


Limited Edition CD  

Comes in a jewel case with an 20 page booklet and incredible artwork by the infamous Skaðvaldur. First pressing limited to 300 worldwide.


Limited Edition 12" Black Vinyl 

Comes in a single pocket jacket in a black inner sleeve, with a full color double sided insert, and incredible artwork by the infamous Skaðvaldur. First pressing limited to 250 worldwide.


Digital Download

You’ll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


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